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Information and History of ILA Orangun Unity Association

This Association is a non-political and non religious body that is being put in place to foster understanding amongst large population of ILA people in Lagos state and also a body that stands to co-operate with other ILA PARAPO organizations in other states of the federation.

The foundation of the present association began with ILA Community Bank of which I was its Chairman and Alhaji Amuda Oyeniyan was a Director. Then the objective was to encourage all ILA Orangun indigenes to buy shares in the bank towards its full capitalization.

The Board of Directors then, after its resolution to sell shares in order to generate enough funds to meet the requirements of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), found it difficult to get across to all indigenes of ILA Orangun to come forward to buy shares. The difficulty was how to reach out to all these societies and clubs since they were spread all over Lagos and without an umbrella body. Thus the idea of forming a body comprising ILA indigenes, clubs and societies was born. The maiden meeting took place in my office at 46A, LSDPC Estate, Ogudu Road in August 2006. Since then it has continued to grow from strength to strength to the extent that we are emboldened to invite our Kabiyesi the Orangun of ILA to come and visit us. Kabiyesi you are welcome once again.

I must admit that our father figure Prince G.A.O Oyinlola played a great role throughout our bank efforts and encouraged us at forming ILA Orangun Unity Association. Today the Bank has been transformed into Pathfinder Microfinance Bank and the ILA Orangun Unity Association has come to stay.